Life Coaching seems to be one of those “buzz-terms” that people throw around in 2018, like “influencers” and “happenings”. But if you actually look into the premise of coaching, in any form, you’ll soon see the immense benefits.

So, what is Life Coaching?

Simply put, it’s a professional relationship between two people that can help you to see phenomenal results in your life, career or business. It is NOT counselling or therapy. It’s all about forward thinking and planning, and looking at setting and achieving your goals. As a coach, it’s my job to give you techniques and strategies to enable you to move from where you currently are, to where you really want to be.

What are the benefits of hiring a Life Coach?

The benefits are immense and include, but aren’t restricted to:

Being encouraged to be a little selfish
How often do we, in life, actually get time to indulge in ourselves? Life can be busy, and we’re all prone to juggling a lot of balls at once. The one that always gets dropped first is the one you dedicate to yourself. It’s time that we stopped thinking of “looking after number one” as a selfish act. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt through my journey into Life Coaching, it’s that putting yourself first ultimately makes things better for everyone around you. Life Coaching sessions are the perfect spaces to spend time thinking and talking about what you want, what is important to you and what you need. Take the time to carve a life that’s important and pleasing for you.

Do you feel that you want something different from life, maybe something more, but can’t quite work out what it is? Coaching will help you to get that clarity that you need to set clear goals and work towards them. From the initial consultation, through on-going sessions, clarity will help you to stay focused.

Honest Input
I’m sure you’ve got friends and family who are more than happy to support you, but will they give you the complete, unbiased truth? If you want to make a huge change in your life, will they truly be the best people to help you to gain some perspective? I know that I always respond better to someone far more impartial than I do my husband or my Mam, because they are naturally more cautious when it comes to life-changing decisions.

Personal Development
It can be a challenging experience, going through a Life Coach, but it is also incredibly rewarding. You’ll see yourself through someone else’s eyes, and be taken out of your comfort zones. Life Coaching will take your personal development to the next level and bring out the absolute best in you.

Hands up if you’ve set yourself a goal, but then let it fall by the wayside? Life Coaching is about having someone with you every step of the way. I will be encouraging you to give it your best shot. Don’t think of your coach as some kind of drill-sergeant, but as someone who will create goals with you and inspire you to achieve them.

If Life Coaching is something that you think you’d be interested in, please get in touch with me. Whilst I’m completing my accreditation, coaching sessions are discounted.  All one hour consultations are free. Coaching can be done face-to-face in the West Cumbria area, or via Skype if you’re not local.